Authorized Warranty:iTech World provides one of the best warranties in the business. 270 Amp Max Discharge. 48Ah 12V Lithium-Ion LiFePO4BatteryThe iTECHWORLD iTECH054A is perfect for running a fridge and powering 12V appliances Enerdrive B-TEC 100AH Slim Battery Is an Ideal Solution for Those Who Are Limited for Space! Will do the same with the 2nd battery in back of car when the time comes. Thanks for getting in touch, Mike. Our redesign of the new iTECH120X PRO includes an all new patent pending prismatic cell type completely different from the one used in the iTECH120X, as well as an all-new supercharged BMS allowing for less cell degradation and a longer lifespan with high current use.Built for the tough Australian environment, the iTECH120X PRO is IP67 Waterproof rated, allowing for the battery to be submerged under 1 metre of water for up to 30 minutes - perfect for marine applications or outside caravan storage boxes. I installed two of these, in a typical truck-type carrier, bolted to the chassis. Not happy, they did not stand behind their product. In-Car Entertainment, back There is no special bms inside these things just a generic bms. - Nominal Voltage 12.8V. The battery swap also provided an opportunity to tidy up our battery cabling. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though may earn commissions for products/services purchased via affiliate links. It works perfectly as far being completely compatible with my existing JB J 35 on my Jayco Silverline. Hey guys,Im looking at purchasing the 120 amp lithium. Saving for a solar blanket now. 1. iTECH120X PRO Lithium Battery - Best Overall At the number one spot is the iTECH120X PRO. We fitted a 120Ah iTechWorld Lithium into our van 2 years ago, housed in the battery box off the chassis (like many modern vans). Headunits, back Skip to main content . Purchased in Jan 2022 at Burswood. Have only used the batteries in the caravan at the moment and wired in the dcdc charger to the car the difference in battery life is incredible. Thanks for getting in touch, 3000 Watts is the largest we would recommend. Purchased in Oct 2019 at iTechworld for $800. I run a Victron 3000-watt inverter, 580-watt solar on 2 x 120x batteries and run separately a 900-watt microwave, 1000-watt toaster, 1800-watt sandwich toaster, and 1800-watt kettle while running a 12v fridge without issue. This warranty includes under bonnet use. I have more power then I need and thats a good thing. After a week it was 75% so impressed. The all-new iTECH120X PRO 120Ah Lithium Battery is the result of years of design and development. $619.00 save $480.00 (44%) Buy 2 for $595.00. I purchased two itechworld 120x to put in my Signature Deluxe 2 camper trailer and honestly couldnt be happier, I can go days without recharging via solar. Was delivered to Gin Gin in Qld. Or resistant to heat. 8" Speakers, back Thank you James. That means quality and performance are important to you, so who you buy your new Pioneer gear from is just as important. Speaker Accessories, back Last trip 8hrs running the fridge and used only 7% of charge, the older AGM battery would have needed to be recharged before I drove home. So much lighter than my previous AGM and last sooooo much longer running my Engel. . Ignition, back Reported to ITech service treated like an idiot. Switch, back What a fantastic battery it just keeps on going up to 5 days or more wonderful. Test will be when we go off-grid next. No changing of systems, equipment, or extensive re-wiring is required in most cases. SPECIALS, back Microwave great (1000w) Toaster works great (1200w) kettle works for 20secs then inverter shuts down (2200w) Havent tried anything else. HEAVY-DUTY REMOVABLE M5 BOLT BATTERY TERMINALS, REDBACK LITHIUM OPERATING SYSTEM INSTALLED AS STANDARD, OPTIMAL DISCHARGE TEMP RANGE: -20C ~ + 60C, DIMENSIONS: (L) 180MM X (W) 80MM X (H) 170MM, HIGH DISCHARGE CURRENT MAX 110 A (5 SEC. 3 X 54amp (162amp) Lithium auxiliary in vehicle. Second lithium battery purchased from Itechworld, great performance and customer service. These guys just re brand cheap gear they don't know anything about batteries just how to market dodgy. Package Deals, back Replaced 120ah agm in my cruiser. You should expect to receive your refund within four weeks of giving your package to the return shipper, however, in many cases you will receive a refund more quickly. With help from iTech charged each battery for 8 hours and have found all seems ok. Have only tried one off grid night so far and all was great, looking forward to testing out over much longer period. Amplifiers & HiFi Components, back battery charger the batteries keep the aircon running all day and still has voltage the next day, iTECH120X 12v Lithium Deep Cycle Battery LiFePO4. Can this same charger be able to used on two iTechworld 120AH Lithium Batteries. Product was very light - able to be picked up with one finger. 4WD, Caravan, & Trailer, back They work well and can be charged and regulated from the van's Projecta system very well. Have saved so much weight and easy to remove when away to charge it. What are the specifications on your bms in your 120 amp battery. PLEASE NOTE: WHEN MOUNTING YOUR ITECH120X UNDER BONNET IT IS RECOMMENDED TO USE A HEAT SHIELD. The truck now runs the 2 fridges with no problems. Free Shipping Available. No, the battery will not be damaged. May consider a second unit to further utilise induction cooktop & convection oven cooking. Featuring a 100% useable capacity, the iTECH120X PRO is the big brother of the ever-popular iTECH120X Lithium Battery but with . Bought the battery 30/11/21. Please call 08 9472 7200 for support.1x iTECH120X can handle a 2000 Watt inverter so it should be able to handle 1600 Watts with a microwave.We will get it sorted for you. Thanks, It's because there batteries are garbage I had one put a 30 amp draw on it for 10 minutes it goes into safe mode time and time again it was nearly out of warranty so they tried to blame it on all my other gear like my redarc bcdc charger so they strung me along for a couple of months to wait out the warranty I chucked it and got a good brand amptron handles everything I throw at it you get what you pay for no more cheap garbage for me I learnt my lesson make of that what you will good luck getting and decent service out of them. The new iTECH120X is entirely water and dust sealed. General disclaimer: All third party trademarks, images and copyrights on this page are used for the purpose of comparative advertising, criticism or review. 3 of the lithium batteries are the same weight as 1 one of the gel mat batteries. This assist's in getting the battery as close to 100% charge levels as possible. I have two of these in my caravan. Purchased one of these batteries August 2021. The Voltage drops in few hours showing a faulty product. Havent used it enough to comment on performance as yet. Awesome batteries . Powering my electric trolling motor on my boat. The iTECH120X is a superior battery to the iTECH100 for the following reasons: Legendary Product & Support From Authorized Dealers. Easy installation to replace existing AGM battery in caravan. Boasting an IP67 rating, this battery can be fully submerged in 1m deep water for up to 30 minutes and has the highest level of dust protection available. proximately one month and never been submerged under water. Staying at home doesnt have to be a drag, even if youre isolating. We do not ship to the US. 4 days after phone call . Been on plenty of weekend trips, recently did the Great Ocean Rd trip (8 days) and heading off to Uluru in June. 1 X CA1420Pro Lithium starter battery in vehicle. The iTECH120X is the only true drop-in upgrade for your existing batteries. I cant even recall if it rained during that period and therefore would only have got the spray from the tyres. The battery had only been on the chassis of my caravan for ap, The [Content Removed] havent blocked us yet. I bought my itechworld 120 ah battery 2 yrs ago i finally did a discharge test on itThe battery went flat at a discharge of 85 ah i rang and they told me the bms shuts off around 10% of capacity which should be around 110 ah usable but mine was not .i recharged it and it charged up to 94 ah which means it is probably only 105 ah if 10 % is correctBut over all the battery has never let me down and i would recommend this product but unfortunately they dont make this battery anymore, Purchased 4 itech120x CLAIMED 120ah batteries. item 2 iTECHWORLD ITECH120X 12V 120Ah LifePo4 Deep Cycle Camping RV Solar Battery iTECHWORLD ITECH120X 12V 120Ah LifePo4 Deep . AGM and lead acid batteries can only use 50% of their available power before damaging the battery. I have it in an Ark Pack and had solar panels toping up during the day. It cannot be used as a cranking battery. Unreliable VoltX 12V 100Ah Lithium Ion LiFePO4 Battery Ultra Premium PLUS and poor service and support. Speakers, back Thanks Team great work. Recharged the batteries via two 200W solar blankets linked and was 100% within the day. No changing of systems, equipment, or extensive re-wiring is . has affiliate partnerships. These batteries are well made do the job much better than my old heavy AGM batteries. There were no modifications required to my existing charging setup and I can easily run the fridge, camp lights and keep all my camera batteries charged for five days before having to hook up the iTech 200W Raptor skin solar blanket. iTechworld iTECH120 Non Waterproof 12 Volt Lithium Battery. After 17-years of business, iTechworld are the power expert. Battery is great, part of our camper trailer upgrade, still need a few more pieces to complete the project e.g DC to DC charger, inverter and solar.. cheers Sue Perfect For Running A Fridge & Powering 12V Appliances! No changing of systems, equipment, or extensive re-wiring is required in most cases. The iTECH120X is the only true drop-in upgrade for your existing batteries. Just got back from a 6 month trip up NW WA. Thanks for your reply. Shipping calculated at checkout. Cheers, Gear looks good quality is better than I was expecting it took a while to get here. I'm a very satisfied client, When it comes to Lithium Batteries, iTechworld is one of the biggest names in the industry. Hold there charge and seems to charge up quicker. When mounting your iTECH120X under bonnet it is recommendedtouse a heat shield. As many of you would know, a battery problem can make or break a camping trip, especially if your planning to go off-grid for an extended period of time. The iTech120 was an early 120Ah model (superseded by the iTech120X) that did not have a waterproof rating, whereas the current iTech120X model is rated IP67 (water and dust proof). Parts & Service, back Replaced my single battery supplied with my new Jayco All-Terain van (picked up van 04/01/23) with my two new Itech 120amp lithiums hit the road for 3 days (09/01/23)on a un-powered site , never skipped a beat . We replaced 2 gel mat batteries in our caravan with itech 120 A/H lithium batteries. The latest Operating System allows a series connection of 2 lithium batteries for 24V applications. Enerdrive B-TEC Slim Lithium BatteryAvailable in 12v 100Ah capacity, designed and intended for use in Dual Sub Enclosure That Delivers Powerful, Accurate Bass at Affordable Pricefrom JBL! Not liking my chances with warranty with that sort of customer service. Installed with the 20amp dcdc charger this took a bit to cut in line but that's what anderson plugs are for. This is what sets the iTECH120 in a class of its own, the Redback Lithium Operating System technology has been patent pending and is exclusive to iTechworld The iTECH120 is the only lithium battery suitable for inverter use as it has an extremely large discharge current, you can pull a a massive 280 Amps from the iTECH120, most other lithium batteries only let you take approx 50 Amps making them almost useless. Installed in the ute canopy as the second battery for the fridge. I was just making sure that it would work well with my new van. You can make a battery any size you wish by connecting as many iTECH120X lithium batteries together to make a 12v MEGA battery of any size. good , replaced two 7 year old gel 100 amp batteries with 120Y lithium. Thanks, It's because there batteries are garbage I had one put a 30 amp draw on it for 10 minutes it goes into safe mode time and time again it was nearly out of warranty so they tried to blame it on all my other gear like my redarc bcdc charger so they strung me along for a couple of months to wait out the warranty I chucked it and got a good brand amptron handles everything I throw at it you get what you pay for no more cheap garbage for me I learnt my lesson make of that what you will good luck getting and decent service out of them. The biggest issue with older lithium being that a specialized charger was required to re-charge. Thank you James. with any company. My load is now a hell of a lot lighter thanks to this battery. Frankie's offer a $9 FLAT RATE Australia-wide shipping, no matter how many items however, some larger/heavier items may incur a higher fee which will be communicated with you when your order(s) being processed. Latest review: I bought the iTechworld 1300 power station in May 2022 for $2458. The right to repair: which brands are making it easier for you to fix their products? New and used Milwaukee Batteries for sale in Fort Washington, Maryland on Facebook Marketplace. Weight is now a constant concern for the caravanning and camping community. The iTECH120 120AH Lithium Battery weighs just 13kg and is the equivalent to two 100 AH Lead Acid batteries which can weigh 35kg each. Please contact [email protected] for support. Ted, have got 3 of these batteries connected to solar panels on van have not had to turn on Find great deals and sell your items for free. I was very keen to go from an Agm battery to a lithium. I can recommend this particular battery quite highly. Jarrod and his team are so helpful and accommodating! Aside from weight, the primary advantage is recovering time in recharge. 6" x 9" Speakers, back Really impressed with the ITECH120X 12V LITHIUM DEEP CYCLE BATTERY LIFEPO4, have set it up as second battery in my Landcrusier. Battery looks good charged up with a non lithium battery charger and a third of the weight in the caravan. What Is the Difference Between The ITECH120X & ITECH100? I never do reviews, I thought this experience warranted one. Great product and even better company to deal with. With the right products, you can still eat, drink, and relax as if youre on holiday, so that your summer staycation is something special. Its LiFePO4. Here are my thoughts on the Itechworld lithium battery after 3 months of use.i did a video when I installed this battery into my Pajero you can view here. User #97577 9 posts bigfell4 Forum Regular Working like a treat. Cheers Bill. Never had an issue with this on my old agms they always held pretty good charge while parked at home. iTECH120X Voltage chart and discharge curveHERE Optimising your charging system for an iTECH120XHERE Spec sheet HERE, If your iTechworld battery enters safe mode, please follow the instructionsHERE. Amplifiers, back iTechWorld iTECH120X 120Ah Lithium BatteryOur Australian engineers have spent countless hours building and testing what we believe to be the highest quality lithium battery available on the market today. Shipping times to most capital and regional cities is 3-4 days however, rural areas or zones outside of the carriers normal run should expect an additional 72hrs (3 business days). Will have 510w Solar panels. 2 years on, would we recommend it?